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We are not just a marketing agency. We are a team of specialists with a deep focus and understanding of our clients’ needs, where money is not the top priority; the effectiveness and value of the work we do to help you reach success are what really matters.

When dealing with clients, we take a results-oriented approach to ensure their prosperous future. We use in-depth business insights in combination with an enhanced understanding of the way the blockchain technology influences the operation and infrastructure of any business.

With communication and efficient positioning of the innovative solution that uses your technology, you can boost your ICO project performance. We are here to help you achieve the set goals.


Not only the blockchain technology has a great impact on the economy and banking system, it also influences the way people interact and communicate. At the dawn of the blockchain evolution, we’ve gone through drastic changes in investments, transactions, and energy allocation, which we now refer to money.

Moving with the times, AudienceSignal has gained over 6 years of experience in performance marketing. We work hard to help the idea initiators drive public interest and inspire the development of new projects, companies and teams that really bring value. Having a broad expertise, we know how to grow, promote and extend business, ensuring that our partners achieve the set objectives a lot faster. We advise on how to effectively launch products and communicate essential benchmarks to all core stakeholders in order to form perception, win trust, and reach ultimate goals.


With a blockchain, we gained more freedom and can now decide on how to exist, without being regulated by any centralized systems.

We create solid ecosystems around individual connections that make it possible to succeed in a newly-developed environment.


We believe that everyone should be able to do what they want to and get what they need. Therefore, we connect with people who imagine the same world, who intend to know how to get the transaction freedom, raise funds to build projects and enlarge communities in the way they could not possibly consider.

We do marketing only for the products in which we believe and for which we previously conducted an audit. Thus, we focus on not more than 2 or 3 clients at the same time in order to do the high-quality work at the proper level.


    Before building a proficient strategy for a project, be it ICO or any other, the first thing we do is research and analyze the environment. Such investigation involves direct and indirect competitors analysis, influencers’ identification, a search of opportunities, and elimination of threats.


    Along with an extended cryptocurrency social network we provide services to visibly make your project stand out. We can connect your customers with your brand via social media means of marketing.


    We set social campaigns to promote your ICO project and handle all news and updates via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other main platforms.


    It is essentially important to ensure that your cryptocurrency-based campaigns properly engage the social community. Therefore, you need to have a high-impact strategy that will connect the audience with your brand.


    You’ll be getting a detailed recap of your project’s progress on a daily basis. All critical metrics you need will be included per your request.

Cooperation model

We offer the most straightforward business model of the relationship, which is based on the performance. As part of the price determination, we try to be as loyal to the client as possible. Once we understand your needs, we compile a win-win model that is preferable and mutually beneficial for both parties.

We are: Your ICO Traffic Expert.

You get: The team of experts that takes a results-driven approach in managing your traffic.

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